Saturday, June 26, 2010


Well here I am again. Not being able to sleep. You would think after going straight from 7 am to midnight yesterday and working a 10 hour shift today I would be tired, but no I lie awake my mind going crazy.
I tell you folks, working in the mall so much this summer has opened my eyes to the blatant evil in this world. People no longer have respect for their neighbor or for anyone period. I witnessed a few things today that just make my heart ache.
I was kindly helping a two customers, a husband and a wife. After explaining something to them about candles, the husband didnt really understand what I was saying. Before I was able to explain it a little better to him, the wife cut me off and practically yelling at her husband said, "Did you not just hear what she said to us, Gosh! apparently not!!" >>>> I mean call me crazy but who wants to be called out like that in public, especially a man. Wives are called to respect their husbands. And I do not know anything about this family's situation, but I just cant stand it when I see these crazy mall-shoppers embarassing their husbands and ordering them around like they are their dogs.

Tonight as I Was leaving the mall at close, I was walking out and all of the sudden I heard a ton of yelling and not to mention the yelling of profanities. On my way out of the mall is a nail salon. I approach it to find three angry ladies yelling and screaming at a sweet little Asian man. Please tell me, what in the world could this sweet man have done to have cause such harassment. By the looks of it he was standing between these ladies and another asian lady behind the counter who was frozen with fear. I walked over to another store and asked if someone would call security, but instead everyone just looked at me like I was a dummy. So, I walked out to my car and called my store, got the # for security and called them myself. They were already aware of the situation and were on it... kinda.
After all of this I found myself circling the mall crying my eyes out. It just kills me to see innocent people being harassed like this man was. I am not over-reacting these ladies were literally screaming at the top of their lungs in this mans face. After circling the mall once I came to the area outside of where these ladies were and spoke to an officer as a witness.

I know this is an evil world, and I am so thankful that I have the Lord to lean on and to protect. But not everyone knows this. Its our jobs to display the love of the Lord to those who have no clue. How can we do this? By the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you think of it. Think and pray about the people you encounter in your life who may not know what the love of the Lord looks like, and pray for them and allow the Holy Spirit to empower you to show them that love.

That is all. Sorry for the semi-depressing posts lately.

peace. LOVE. joy.